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The Propcast

Aug 25, 2021

Summary: In this episode The Propcast talks to Paul Zukauskas and Joseph Binestock from Guesty about the changing times of short-term rental, what to expect in terms of summer and winter trends, Guesty’s recent acquisitions, as well as delving into the shift in consumer behaviour they have seen. 


Key Insights From This Episode


  • There is also a growing demand for automating more processes – Joseph Binestock
  • COVID-19 did accelerate the need to digitalise property management companies – Joseph Binestock


  • Right now versus 2019, we're seeing 80% increases in reservations – Paul Zukauskas
  • The sales cycle has been more focused on the ability to build rapport with customers online than ever before – Joseph Binestock
  • We get to be on the front lines of the creativity of our clients – Paul Zukauskas
  • In terms of the short-term rental ecosystem as an alternative accommodation, we see it continuing to become more of a mainstream – Joseph Binestock
  • Our property management companies are like snowflakes, they're all unique – Paul Zukauskas
  • Now it's vacation rentals and short-term rentals who are in the spotlight – Joseph Binestock


  • Today it's really more crucial than ever that our users can rely on tech solutions as an extension to their business – Joseph Binestock



About Our Guests

Paul Zukauskas

Paul is Global Vice President of Customer Success at Guesty, the end-to-end property management platform for short-term and vacation rentals. Paul has ten plus years of SaaS Leadership, and has experience in customer lifecycle management and a track record of delivering significant customer retention gains and growth. Paul is an experienced manager of global teams responsible for $70M+ in recurring revenue. His key skills include significant revenue generation and retention, customer advocacy, user adoption, high performance team development, along with customer value creation and operational execution.


Joseph Binestock

Joseph is the Director of Sales for the America’s a Guesty, which provides an end-to-end SaaS hospitality management software that streamlines, automates, and centralizes complex workflows and business processes with robust built-in features and a wealth of deeply integrated applications that increase productivity and revenue while reducing OPEX. Joseph is focused on penetrating and scaling new and mature B2B SaaS markets through disciplined business analysis and innovative out of the box thinking with an interdisciplinary approach. He specialises in the full sales cycle, managing cross-functional teams of complex SaaS products in the intersection of design, technology, and hospitality, providing mentorship and the skill set needed for team members to outperform.


About Our Host

Louisa Dickins 

Louisa started her career in property working at a well-known estate agency in London. Realising her people skills, she moved over to Lloyd May to pursue a career in recruitment. She now is a Director at LMRE, who are a specialist recruitment firm driven by PropTech and recruitment professionals, and Louisa oversees their 5 core areas. Louisa co-founded LMRE and provides a constructive recruitment platform to the new disruptors in real estate. Louisa is also on the board of Directors at UK PropTech Association (UKPA).

About LMRE 

LMRE believe there is a better way to recruit. LMRE focus on a more comprehensive, client led focus delivering exceptional talent to the place at the time. They are passionate about the industry and passionate about people's careers. LMRE spend time with each client to become and an extension of the business, and their transparency and core values help them grow with the sector. LMRE simplify recruitment and innovate with our clients and evolve the people driven, PropTech community.


Resources Mentioned

LMRE website 

Guesty website

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