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The Propcast

Jul 30, 2020

The Propcast
Episode 10
Title: Real Estate, Tech Collaboration and US Launching with Real Estate with Oli Farago and Richard Croft
Summary: We talk to Richard Croft (M7 Real Estate) and Oli Farago (Coyote Software) about Real Estate Tech Collaboration, and US Launching.
The Propcast is by Louisa Dickins, Co-Founder of LMRE the leading Global PropTech recruiter brought to you in partnership with UK PropTech Association, The UK PropTech Association is a membership organisation to drive the digital transformation of the property industry.
This show will focus on connecting the Proptechs, real estate funds and VC’s globally…and get everyone talking about innovation of the built environment.
About Our Host
Louisa Dickins
Louisa started her career in property working at a well-known estate agency in London. Realising her people skills, she moved over to Lloyd May to pursue a career in recruitment. She now is a Director at LMRE, who are a specialist recruitment firm driven by PropTech and recruitment professionals, and Louisa oversees their 5 core areas. Louisa co-founded LMRE and provides a constructive recruitment platform to the new disruptors in real estate. Louisa is also on the board of Directors at UK PropTech Association (UKPA).
About LMRE
LMRE believe there is a better way to recruit. LMRE focus on a more comprehensive, client led focus delivering exceptional talent to the right place at the right time. They are passionate about the industry and passionate about people's careers. LMRE spend time with each client to become and an extension of the business, and their transparency and core values help them grow with the sector. LMRE simplify recruitment and innovate with our clients and evolve the people driven, PropTech community.
About Our Guests
Richard Croft
Richard is the Executive Chairman for M7 Real Estate. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the company, capital raising and leads the real estate fund management function. In this capacity he sits on the GP board and Investment Committees of all of M7’s funds in addition to numerous other M7’s JV boards.
Prior to co-founding M7 Real Estate in April 2009, Richard founded Halverton REIM LLP (subsequently GPT Halverton), a European real estate fund management business which was sold to The GPT Group (an Australian listed property trust) in July 2007. From 2005 to early 2009 Richard was CEO of GPT Halverton which at the time of sale employed circa 180 people across ten European offices and managed €2 billion of assets. Before his time at Halverton, Richard was International Investment Director of Property Fund Management PLC (now Valad), and was responsible for setting up their international infrastructure, including offices in Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Copenhagen and Madrid. Richard has been involved in over €8 billion of transactions across the UK and Europe during his 26 years of real estate experience.
In addition to his duties at M7, Richard is a Non-Executive Director of IPSX (the International Property Securities Exchange). He is a member of the Global Real Estate Institute and a regular speaker at conferences across Europe covering real estate and economic topics. Richard is a supporter of several charities and foundations and is actively involved The Suffolk Community Foundation and Shout About Suffolk.
Oli Farago
Oli is the CEO and Co-Founder of Coyote. He has been fundamental in scoping, designing and developing Coyote since its beginning in 2009. In fact, for the first three years of Coyote’s journey, he wrote every line of code himself. Prior to Coyote, Oli was one of the founding partners and CTO of M7 Real Estate.
Oli has now been at the forefront of Real Estate technology for over 12 years. Oli spends his day working with a team of 37 on everything from the strategic growth and direction of the company, helping design new product features / functionality to demoing the platform and onboarding new clients. When Oli is not busy with Coyote or his family, he loves scuba diving and flying helicopters.
LMRE website 
Coyote Software
M7 Real Estate
Insights from this Episode
Our view is that we think technology is going to change real estate investing – Richard Croft
the industry is changing. The industry is becoming more accepting of technology, and the technology can improve the way that we do things – Richard Croft
We are just now entering into the period where I think people are really starting to commit to major projects of digital transformation – Oli Farago
They used to say that there were three rules to investing in real estate, which was location, location, location. I think that's changing, and is becoming space, space and connectivity. I think long term, it's going to cause a massive acceleration in adoption across the board. It is from networking that you make relationships, and through work relationships that you build businesses – Richard Croft
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