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The Propcast

May 12, 2021

Summary: In this episode the Propcast talks to Cem Savas from Plentific and Andy Belton from Notting Hill Genesis about how property management can be made simple.
The Propcast by Louisa Dickins, Co-Founder of LMRE the leading Global PropTech recruiter, is brought to you in partnership with CREtech and ReimTech. This show will focus on connecting the PropTechs, real estate funds and VC’s globally…and get everyone talking about innovation of the build to rent environment.
About Our Host
Louisa Dickins 
Louisa started her career in property working at a well-known estate agency in London. Realising her people skills, she moved over to Lloyd May to pursue a career in recruitment. She now is a Director at LMRE, who are a specialist recruitment firm driven by PropTech and recruitment professionals, and Louisa oversees their 5 core areas. Louisa co-founded LMRE and provides a constructive recruitment platform to the new disruptors in real estate. Louisa is also on the board of Directors at UK PropTech Association (UKPA).
About LMRE 
LMRE believe there is a better way to recruit. LMRE focus on a more comprehensive, client led focus delivering exceptional talent to the place at the time. They are passionate about the industry and passionate about people's careers. LMRE spend time with each client to become and an extension of the business, and their transparency and core values help them grow with the sector. LMRE simplify recruitment and innovate with our clients and evolve the people driven, PropTech community.
About Guests
Cem Savas 
Cem Savas is the co-founder of Plentific, an award winning digital platform for property management. This platform empowers housing providers to streamline operations and enhance resident experience, unlocking operational savings throughout and competing work order management solutions and work to get the marketplace better trade professionals. Plentific is now in six countries, and has over 165 people. Prior to this Cem worked for some of the world's best known banking institutions but always maintained a keen interest in property, conceiving the idea for Plentific with co founder and CTO Emre Kazan, as the pair believed property management could and should be better - for local trades specialists, property managers and tenants.
Andy Belton 
Andy Belton is Chief Operating Officer (COO) and a member of the Executive Board for Notting Hill Genesis. Notting Hill Genesis is one of the largest housing associations in London and the South East, owning and managing more than 66,000 homes and around 2,000 staff. NHG provide homes across a range of tenures and are committed to continuing to deliver housing that is affordable to all. With roots reaching back to the 1960s, their legacy organisations were established by local people who shared a similar vision – to house west London’s working poor, providing them a home from which to build themselves and their families a secure future. In 2017 Andy lead a digital transformation programme of ‘automation and efficiency’ to support our corporate strategy, called the WorkWise programme will be key to delivering the Notting Hill Genesis strategic objectives to modernise and improve customer services and to operate more efficiently.
Resources Referenced
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Insights From This Episode
  • You have to be very close to your clients and understand their pain points and get their feedback, but then sometimes to disrupt and to change how things work, you also have to challenge them and bring different ideas and different concepts to them, which they might not be comfortable with Cem Savas
  • Where it falls down is not necessarily about bad repairs, it's often about poor communication – Andy Belton on property management 
  • Longer term, what is very helpful is case studies and raw data to show to clients. And the more you can show, the easier it gets – Cem Savas, about widening client bases
  • I think we're over a lot of the resistance now, and I think more and more people are seeing the power of technology – Andy Belton
  • On the governance side (of ESG), data is always the most important driver of making the right decisions going forward – Cem Savas
  • We've introduced a number of issues and initiatives to try and bring black and minority ethnic people through the organisation faster and into senior roles in the organisation – Andy Belton 
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